Juro Novelty Company Jerry Mahoney

Juro Novelty (incorporated on Monday 24th August 1953) was a toy company headed by Sam Jupiter, and later by his daughter Vivian Kaplan. The company manufactured first composition, then plastic ventriloquist puppets and dolls from as early as 1949, till 1977, at which time they were acquired by the Goldberger Doll Co. Some of the puppets included Jerry Mahoney, Knucklehead Smiff, Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd, Danny O'Day, Little Ricky, Lester, and Velvel. They also made Dick Clark and Pinky Lee dolls in the 1950's. Goldberger continued to offer the Charlie McCarthy and Danny O'Day dolls after their acquisition of Juro, as well as adding other celebrity dolls to their range such as Laurel and Hardy.

The small ones, the dolls, always had a string coming from the back of the neck that when pulled would make their mouths open. During its heyday, however, it also sold a Jerry Mahoney ventriloquist puppet with a turning head (mounted on a post, in the manner of professional ventriloquist puppets) and offered a deluxe version of Jerry Mahoney which had moving eyes until Paul Winchell ended his contract with Juro Novelty in 1966.

The Jerry Mahoney toys were Juro's best selling product, when Paul Winchell ended their contract with the company it only lasted 11 more years until they shutdown, and gave all of their assets to Goldberger Doll Co. The company itself was inactive for 25 years after, until it was finally dissolved in 1992.

Even after the break up, Juro still made produced Jerry Mahonys for a few years, but instead bootleg versions to avoid copyright regulations. The first version of the bootlegs were advertised as "Danny", and the last version was advertised as "Tommy".



24" Composition doll Jerry (left) and larger, 32" model (right) cira 1951


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